ABout Linda ENdlich and Paul Baker
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I have been manipulating photos for years but it took Paul Baker’s enthusiasm & his lovely photos of Morocco to bring these particular visions to life and give a central theme to this show. We discussed the concept of how we can experience sensory overload while traveling especially when exploring the overwhelming cultural richness of a place like Morocco. With its amazing architectural patterns and vibrant colors—subtle & yet sometimes brilliant hues in the desert, the abundant textures, fabrics, tastes & smells of a bustling market in a modern city, and the earthiness of everyday life—Morocco was our mutual muse. These photo manipulations are glimpses, a virtual journey to Morocco through our eyes. Hopefully they will suggest stories and encourage you to enjoy a few travels of your own (real or imagined).
SERIES I—Vision [Explorations of shadows, colors, to heighten the senses]
SERIES II—Daily Life [Playful explorations of ordinary things touched by light & color]
SERIES III—Colors [Unusual color combinations & visual effects]
SERIES IV—Patterns [Striking architecture with integrated mosaics & unexpected views]
SERIES V—Borders [Mosaics creating frames for environments]
SERIES VI—Stylized [Design & patterns emphasizing details]

Each image is comprised of 2-4 individual photographs which are layered in Adobe photoshop. Every photo is duplicated several times and processed through multiple filters such as multiply, overlay, or solarize, etc. Levels of transparency are adjusted and then the images are manipulated further by masking, changing hues, and playing with saturation & contrast. Lastly, the final details are enhanced and blended into the images below. Everything is then merged into a final photographic image. The process is much like traditional painting where there is an under painting (the photos) built upon layer by layer, dark into the light—except the brush strokes are virtual textures & patterns created by a pen stylus via a drawing tablet—until a final image emerges.

PAUL BAKER (pabaker55@sbcglobal.net) or LINDA ENDLICH (endlich@tds.net)