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Paul Baker is an enthusiastic traveler and an amateur photographer. He has exhibited black and white photography in local venues. This is his first color show, his first digital show, and his first collaboration. He thanks his parents for buying him a Kodak InstaMatic camera for his 8th birthday. He thanks Denise for letting him set up a darkroom in the basement. He thanks Linda for taking an idea and running with it in a most extraordinary fashion.

Linda Endlich has been creating art in one form or another for her entire life. Taking her very first photographs with a brownie camera at the age of 7, she clearly remembers that moment and treasures a life full of creative endeavors. Born with an ability to draw whatever she sees, Linda graduated with a B.S. in Art/Art Education from UW–Madison. Dabbling in practical ways to earn a living, a love of—and need to share—the creative process, brought her to teaching, survival, to graphic design, where computers have opened a whole new world of possibilities for expression. Simplifying her work in some ways, computers have also offered infinite ways to alter reality. Linda is always looking for new creative outlets and moments of inspiration like those that Pauls’ photos have provided. Creating is a passion, something explored to survive—drawing, illustration, poetry, painting, design, dance—all help her make sense of the world.

PAUL BAKER (pabaker55@sbcglobal.net) or LINDA ENDLICH (endlich@tds.net)