lovely ladies luncheon league

I initially envisioned a community of women sharing their lives, their loves and their aspirations in a robust salon like those of a literary time gone by. Overly romantic I know, realistically, given everything going on in real womens lives, it seemed far more reasonable to table the idea of a salon for a more simplied blog approach. With that in mind, I started the Lovely Ladies luncheon League blog. For now the we are just getting off the ground but I am confindent that others will discover the fun in blogging and will participate, particularly artists who want to connect with other creative minds. Start small, grow large..


montages & moments

As much as I enjoy photography, it is exciting play with my images without conventions or restrictions. The outcome is sometimes surprising, always unique & personally visually interesting to me. Sometimes the image may seem real which its part of the magic, but they do not exist in the world. The freedom to explore color and techniques fills me with such delight. Generally, I tend to be quite realistic in my paintings & drawings but my affinity for technology has allowed me limitless ways to be more playful in my artistic expressions. Everything starts from an inspirational moment captured in a photograph. Something then sparks a connection between images so I can merge them together in an intriguing way. This show combines some of the photos that inspire me with montages that emerged from others. My inspiration comes from nature, travel, human nature, a fascination with color, technology, & the beauty found in ordinary moments.



Each montage is comprised of 2-4 individual photographs which are layered in Adobe Photoshop. Photos are then duplicated several times and processed through multiple filters such as multiply or overlay along with special effects. Sections are enhanced, extracted and duplicated then manipulated further through experimentation. Lastly, the final details are tweaked and blended. Everything is then merged into a final photographic image. The process is much like traditional painting where there is an under painting (the initial photos) built upon layer by layer, dark into the light—except the brush strokes are virtual textures & patterns created by a pen stylus via a drawing tablet—
until a final montge emerges.


— LE