montages & moments exhibit • 2014


Montages & Moments

During the year, the Academic Staff Gallery showcases the work of current Academic staff who are also artists in the personal lives. This winter, I was able to exhibit some of my photographs and most recent montages from a trip to Italy in May. The images are a progression of work starting in 2008.



Each montage is comprised of 2-4 individual photographs which are layered in Adobe Photoshop. Photos are then duplicated several times and processed through multiple filters such as multiply or overlay along with special effects. Sections are enhanced, extracted and duplicated then manipulated further through experimentation. Lastly, the final details are tweaked and blended. Everything is then merged into a final photographic image. The process is much like traditional painting where there is an under painting (the initial photos) built upon layer by layer, dark into the light—except the brush strokes are virtual textures & patterns created by a pen stylus via a drawing tablet—
until a final montage emerges.


— LE