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illustration & painting

Working in a range or media, from pencil, pen & ink, or watercolor pencil to oils, I enjoy creating portraits & representational imagery. These are mostly amusements for myself. More illustrations & paintings.


Sculpture DrawingIrisDog Illustration



My photography focuses on everyday things, framed by natural light, unusual angles, and unexpected things. Since I traditionally draw and paint in methodical ways, I love the "spur of the moment" quaility of photography offers. More photographs.


Door County mossDoor County Still LifeDoor County Statue


Most recently, I been creating "photopaintings", combining traditional art & photography with computer technology. Through extensive computer manipulations, I create images that hopefully will suggest stories, question what is real, explore art and design and also reflect what I personally find beautiful & moving. These images test of what is visually possible through limitless virtual editing and were created simply for the joy I find in the making them. Visit Merging Muses gallery.


Summer Sandal MontageBlue Door Montage

I have been a full-time graphic designer for the School of Education, UW-Madison, USA for over 20 years. Below are a few samples of my design work in that capacity. I also work as a freelance designer. Click on the image for a full pdf example. More graphic design examples.


Wing of Art BrochureHollywood Glamour BrochureMIDUS Brochure